Praying God’s Word is the single most effective form of prayer, because:

1. Praying God’s Word indicates your faith in His Word.

2. You are praying according to God’s Will because it is His very own Word, and

3. Jeremiah 5:14 & 23:29 verifies: (a) the power of His Word (like fire), and (b) that when we speak His Word, He will release His fire power through our words, because they are His Words.

If you want to increase the POWER  of your prayers; if you want your prayers to be MOST EFFECTIVE, PRAY THROUGH SCRIPTURES  that apply to your specific needs/situation. Simply replace the name/situation with your personal name(family member’s name, etc.)/situation in the Scripture, and pray it accordingly.

PRAYING THROUGH GOD’S WORD is the most EFFECTIVE TOOL FOR INTERCESSORY PRAYER & WARFARE.  It becomes more important than ever to be praying within God’s will & to be praying with power, when you are interceding for others. Even the most well-intended intercessors can get caught in “soulish prayers” for others – i.e., prayers that are reflective of what one may think is the best solution, or way to go about resolving their situation. It is not relevant what we “think;” it is only relevant that God’s Way/Will be done in that life/situation. We must be careful not to interject our own ideas of what should be the best outcome for anyone. The best way to prevent such imposition is to pray through Scripture.

All prayer postings will be geared to demonstrate the above concepts/principles. I pray the Lord’s anointing on each one.