1. Why are you NOT free from sin, even though “the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death”?
  2. How does McGee explain ”The law of sin and death”? 
  3. How do you become “free from the law of sin and death”?
  4. Why was the LAW ineffective? 
  5. What is the solution to the fact that “He condemned sin in the flesh”?
  6. Identify & describe the many tensions referred to between the life of the Spirit vs. Life of the flesh.
  7. What is meant by: “to be carnally minded is death”?
  8. Why are those in the flesh unable to please God?
  9. If all believers are indwelled with the Holy Spirit, why is walking in the Spirit not an automated response?
  10. How do you attain “life and  peace”?
  11. Some will have been told that making an effort of any kind constitutes legalism; that it’s mere religiosity. What would these passages say to that?
  12. How would it be possible for something God requires of His people (obedience) be considered legalistic/works, and therefore unnecessary?
  13. What is the believer’s responsibility?
  14. How would you define the primary theme of this set of passages?
  15. What is the underlying principle?
  16. How can the believer fulfill the “righteous requirement of the law”?
  17. What is the single most important ingredient for defeating the life of the flesh?
  18. In order for that single most important ingredient to be put to work, what must the believer do?


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