PSALM 50 STUDY, 19.05.20


  1. Bottom line here is the PRINCIPLE  that God IS __  __________. (v.1)
  2. Intrinsic to this, is that: (1) He has ______________ all, both land masses, animals & people; and (2) He _____________ all those He has created (v.11).
  3. What does He say that HE WANTS from His people? (hint: v.14 – 2 things).
  4. What does He promise those who do these 2 things? (v.15)
  5. By doing so, what is it that HE  gets out of this? (v.15).
  6. What does that tell you about what is important to God the Father?
  7. What do verses 16-20 depict?  (a)How does God view this? (b) Connect the dots to that which He desires, & how that when you do not keep covenant it leads to discipline.
  8. Make the connection with what results from that transgression (v.21).
  9. What can you do now? (v.22)
  10. Identify the  main subject/theme in all of this.
  11. Can you see how clearly the concept is reinforced by the fact that the last verse (v.23) re-states what was identified in v.14,15?
  12. Pull it all together now, & integrate it into a plan for how you can 
  13. implement it in your own personal walk.

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