1. What single ingredient most impacts any intimate relationship?
    2. Draw the parallel between such effects on your relationship with the Lord.
    3. Identify the two essential  components of communication?
    4. What is the most neglected component of communication?
    5. What is the first easy clue regarding the cause of not hearing from God?
    6. Identify the main obstruction to s that this STUDY is focussing on.
    7. What is it that you most likely hang onto & have difficulty letting go of?
    8. What should you do if you do not understand what your own obstructions are?
    9. What is it that you would be most afraid of hearing from the Lord?
    10. To what extent can you understand how this is feeding into not being able to surrender and thus hear/receive from the Lord?
    11. Why is it of critical importance to be honest with yourself and with the Lord?
    12. What is the result of withholding from the Lord?
    13. How can healing and deliverance be realized without honest disclosure?
    14. Connect the dots from James 4 passages to the need to trust & surrender.
    15. What is involved in obliterating the obstructions?
    16. Assess your style and level of communication with the Father/Lord Jesus Christ/Yeshua Messiah/Holy Spirit, and connect the dots from that to the deficiencies in your hearing from the Lord.**Remember: there are 2 sides to communication. It’s possible you’re doing a lot of sharing; but perhaps your level of listening/attending to the Father’s voice is overriden by hanging onto the need to have things your way.
    17. Identify consequences that you have experienced due to allowing obstructions.
    18. Reflect on those & use this awareness to begin new communication patterns, consistent with hearing from the Lord.
    19. Consider the experience in the Garden (Gen.3:8-10), & draw a parallel with any similar experience of your own – in what situation have you felt a need to run away/hide from the Lord?
    20. Connect the dots between trust and hearing from the Lord.




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