1. What LESSONS can you put in your heart from 1Chronicles 21?
    2. In what instances, circumstances, situations, and/or events have you, like David, taken a wrong focus?
    3. What was the outcome: (a) of David’s wrong focus? (b) of your wrong focus?
    4. What happens when you put your agenda based on your own thoughts, goals, opinions, &/or desires before those of the Lord’s?
    5. What circumstances or experiences have you experienced where this has occurred in your life?
    6. Connect the dots from personal life experiences to David’s experience in this scenario.
    7. What is the underlying principle revealed by this set of passages?
    8. What happens when your behaviour/decisions fall out of step with God’s principles?
    9. What needs to be done in order to correct wrong focus?
    10. What can be done to resurrect the outcomes of such erroneous focussing?
    11. What has to be done to the pride and arrogance of the attitude intrinsic to this?
    12. What in our world today would be comparable to building an altar and making sacrifices to the Lord (v.26)?
    13. What parallels can be drawn between the situation David underwent with his people in Israel and the COVID experience in our world today?
    14. What is the primary distinction between them?
    15. What does this indicate about the impact of intervening variables?
    16. Identify the intervening variables that create differentials between the two situations/experiences.


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