“RIGHT FOCUS,” 29.04.20


  1. What has your focus been in your prayer time?
  2. What term does Jesus/Yeshua apply to those who “love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men” (Matt.6:5)?
  3. Identify times/ways in your walk where you may have fallen into such habits.
  4. What is so important about having your own private time with the Lord? (Matt.6:6)
  5. Identify 4 primary themes in what is known as the “Lord’s Prayer.”
  6. You will need to listen to Rabbi Schneider’s youtube video to answer the following. What is the main point of Rabbi Schneider’s teaching?
  7. Also from Rabbi Schneider: (a) “The prayers of the Apostles in Scripture, the focus is always on the eternal not on the physical” – how can you relate to this? (b) Connect the dots between this statement, and Rabbi Schneider’s interpretation of abundant life – what meaning does that have for you?
  8. Re-define your prayer focus on the basis of things you’ve learned in this STUDY.
  9. At the time of this STUDY, many are living in fear, totally preoccupied with the COVID VIRUS situation. In what ways, & to what extent has this affected your prayer life/spiritual focus?


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