Oh, Father, make me to love You, as You love me. Change my heart to enable me to love as You love, so I can love YOU as I ought, (Deut.6:5). Change my heart that I can love my neighbour as myself, love the unlovable, love my enemies . . . . 

Incline my heart to You, to walk in all Your ways, to be attentive and obedient to every single thing You may show/tell me (1 Kings 8:58).  Make me to keep Your Word, for “whoever keeps Your Word, in him the love of God is truly made perfect” (1 John 2:5); and I want You to perfect Your love in me, so I can “be wholly devoted to You, to walk in Your statutes and to keep Your commandments,” always (1 Kings 8:60,61).  

Circumcise my heart of all the selfishness, self-focus, self-preoccupation, self-absorption, self-sufficiency, that I may truly surrender and focus on YOU. I do this in line with Your Word: “Circumcise the foreskin of my heart therefore,”  (Deut.10:16; 30:6; Jer.4:4), removing all self-will, stubbornness, my own thoughts, desires, dreams, goals, and wishes and replace them with Yours, because I understand that when I surrender these to You, You will place Your desires/the right desires in my heart (Ps 37:4,5), and You will bring those into reality. Make me to trust/know that You alone know what is best for me; I want to trust in Your plan for me, not rely on my own thoughts, plans, desires, and dreams (mine may be all wrong).

My heart longs for the blessings of Your Presence, Nearness, and Your Revelations (John 14 passages quoted). Perfect Your love in me, and perfect me through that love (1 John 2:5); make me to show Your love to those around me (1 John 4:11,12), that Your light/love would shine through me.

I want to get rid of all those things that get in the way of the fullest expression of my love for You, the things that would interfere with my obedience, like all worldly desires, pleasures, temptations. I “put to death what is earthly in myself—sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desire, and greed—for that is idolatry” (Col.3:5). These things get in the way of loving You, for, “to whatever I may yield myself, that becomes my master . . .” (Rom.6:16), and I must have only You as my Master/Lord/Saviour/King. I choose to yield all my body parts, my mind (includes thoughts), my will, and my emotions (feelings), and every act, decision, and interaction – every step I take, every single day – that they will each be in YOUR service, employed to honour and bring Glory to YOUR NAME, allotting nothing for carnal, selfish pursuits, self-pleasures, and self-glorification. I therefore choose to crucify every part of my old man, piece by piece, as aforementioned, so that I may be free from sin, free to serve You to the fullest extent (Rom.6:6).

I surrender, and nail to the Cross, all temptations to just coast, live in lukewarm fatih, and remain in my infant state. I want to be weaned from infancy/milk, and grow up to chew on the real meat of Your Word. Bring me higher/closer, and take me deeper. In Jesus/Yeshua’s Holy Name. Amen.

© 2018, revised 2019, 2020 by Verna Crowther. All rights reserved.