PSALM 5, 06.03.20

    1. If your attitude is aligned with God’s, (ref.Ps.5:4-6), how should you view wickedness, evil, & deceitfulness?
    2. Where should your focus be, regardless of whatever else is going on? (V.7,8)
    3. According to verse 8, what should you do before confronting the “Enemy”?
    4. REVIEW verses 9 & 10. 
    5. Which verse is Paul quoting in Romans 3:13? Discover the parallel from OT to NT in this.
    6. Now cross-reference from verses 9 & 10 to  2 Cor.10:3,4, & Eph.6:12,13; Rom.3:13. 
    7. Identify the parallels between each set of “Enemies” – (a) What are the similarities? (b) What is the difference?
    8. What analogy would you make from things you have experienced to the throat being an open tomb? To what would you compare that?
    9. What situations have you been in where “With their tongues they have practiced deceit”?
    10. What experiences have you had in which someone’s words have felt like “The poison of asps is under their lips”?
    11. Just as David had to fight physically at times, to defend himself, what is the parallel of that for you when experiencing such attacks? (As the examples above).
    12. In what circumstance/situations have you encountered these types of “fiery darts of the wicked one” (Eph.6:16)? (a) What did you do? (b) Were you able to apply God’s Word to quench them? © What will you do differently on the next occasion?
    13. When you experience an onslaught of such verbal, emotional, or psychological attacks, what should be the first thing that you do? (V.1-3, & v.7,8)
    14. What should the second step be that you should employ? Hint:v.10
    15. CONNECT THE DOTS from each of the 3 points made in v. 10 w/arsenal of weaponry given in 2 Cor. 10 & Eph. 6 (read beyond what is quoted in study).
    16. What does Ps.5:11,12 have to say about the final outcome when you will have applied those weapons, as above?
    17. Summarize God’s provision for His people from OT, to NT.


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