PSALM 3 STUDY, 04.03.20



PSALM 3:3 But You, O Lord, are a shield for me, My glory and the One who lifts up my head.

    1. Before doing anything else, it is necessary to identify the primary principle which undergirds all else in this brief Psalm.
    2. How difficult/easy is it for you to put yourself in David’s shoes?
    3. What sorts of persecution, betrayal, or injustice have you experienced in your life?
    4. Identify from the model presented in Psalm 3 what you can do initially when these kinds of situations arise? (v.1,2)
    5. In v. 3 we can see that David moves from venting his troubles, to the next step. How would you identify that step? 
    6. Putting into perspective what was going on for King David, and how he was responding to it, what have you reacted at that stage when in similar situation?
    7.  Notice that in v.3 He acknowledges God as His shield. What does that mean? 
    8. What function does a shield perform?
    9. If you acknowledge God as your shield, what are you essentially doing?
    10. So if you have made that essential move of depending on HIM, instead of yourself, what else have you done, and therefore grown in?
    11. Upon stretching your trust level, your __________________ has grown, and you have been sustained (v.5).
    12. Connect the dots from David’s crying out to God (v.4) and what happens next?
    13. When do you experience God’s presence with greatest certainty? (a) When you are filled with anxiety, fear, stress, & doubt; (b) When you try to figure everything out yourself; © When you cry out to Him, surrendering the situation, & trusting HIM with it? 
    14. V.5 & 6 demonstrate what principle/spiritual truth?
    15. When will God most assuredly “strike all my enemies on the cheekbone, & break their teeth,” so-to-speak? (v.7) Do you suppose He would have done this without David having cried out to the Lord, in complete surrender and trust?
    16. Who does God take care of? (v.8)

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