1. Notice all the stipulations in Ex. 15:26 which would exempt the Israelites from being stricken with the diseases experienced by the Egyptians. Identify (4)
    2. How might you relate this to present day events?
    3. Ps.34:7 provides the key element to the Lord’s deliverance. Identify. 
    4. Psalm 91 is commonly quoted as a prayer of protection, & that it is. But what does v.1 identify as a

      PSALM 91:1 “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty”

      prerequisite to all that follows? 

    5. Now REVIEW JOHN 15 passages, & CONNECT THE DOTS to Psalm 91:1. Can you see how each is reinforcing what the other is identifying as the SECRET PLACE?
    6. In Isa.26:3, what does it mean if your mind is “stayed on God”?
    7. If your mind is focussed on God, what would that mean in relation to fear?
    8. What else is identified as part of that? FEAR IS THE OPPOSITE of ___________. 
    9. What 2 factors determine your state of PEACE?  (Isa.26:3).
    10. What in Matthew 6:33 parallels with previous passages? I.e., What does putting Him FIRST result in?
    11. In 1 Cor.11, zero in on v.30-32.Identify how this ties in with your walk (a) If you are judging/assessing/evaluating your own walk, what steps should you undertake? (b) What effect will that have? (c) Without such self-correction, what is it that may cause you to be stricken with illness? 
    12. Phil.4:9 really summarizes it all. Tie it in w/previous quotes. 
    13. What concept is perfectly embodied in Lk.22:42?
    14. Why would Jesus/Yeshua, Himself, re-emphasize again, in Revelation 2 & 3 the necessity of intimacy/passionate walk and obedience, making reference to dire consequences for disobedience and lukewarmness?
    15. Connect the dots, & tie it all together, summarizing your own understanding of what you yourself need to adjust in your walk/relationship with the Lord in order to alleviate any/all fear in your life.

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