Father, how grateful I am that like the Psalmist, we who are in relationship with You, have been set apart for You, and by You. Thank-You, Father, that Your Word says that we can “know that the Lord has set apart for Himself him who is godly;” and that You will hear when I call.”

Because we have been so set apart, we can always know Your Presence; and what a glorious thing that is! It is outright delectable!

It is a comforting thing to know that You will bring relief in our times of distress, and that You will have mercy and hear our prayers. 

Thank-You, Father, that when others do mock, taunt, and/or make false accusations, if I just cry out to You, and surrender my pain, forgiving them, and confessing and repenting of all anger and bitterness, You will heal my soul and heart, and there will be peace at the end of the day. I do not need to be anxiety-ridden and troubled, for You are there with me. 

When I bring my pain to You, and meditate in calm and stillness, then “I will both lie down in peace, and sleep; For You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.” Thank-You, Heavenly Father! I pray in the Name of Your Son, Jesus/Yeshua. Amen.

© 2020 by Verna Crowther. All rights reserved.