Father, i thank You, that if I set my will in accordance with Your Word, I will be covered by Your promises, for I am then residing under Your shadow, under Your wings, by dwelling in that SECRET PLACE, that place of intimacy, that place of exclusivity, special relationship, & thus have no need to worry, fear, or doubt.

Bless, and flood and re-fill me with the power of Your Holy Spirit each day. Fill me afresh that I will be empowered to walk in right standing, in that place of surrender, and obedience.  I will walk in intimacy and be equipped by Your Holy Spirit, moving in passion, keeping myself cleansed and purified daily by walking in Your Word, walking in the Spirit. Thank-You, Father, that I can thereby be entirely confident that I am fully covered by Your protective Hand.

Holy Spirit remind me to make a daily habit of confessing/repenting/forgiving as I take up the Cross in daily denial of my flesh (Lk.9:23), and determine to set my will to follow You, Lord, and walk in Your Ways.

Grant me the strength of mind, will, and body to be faithful in my pledge, maintaining continuity and ongoing follow-through.

I thank-You, Holy Father, for Your wonderful, and most comforting promises, for they not only put the onus on myself, but give me the comfort in knowing that if I do my part, then You will keep me safe from all harm. I thank-You, Lord, that even when I err, but confess/repent, even if I don’t always catch my errors, and fail to keep all Your Ways perfectly, but because my heart is set towards doing so, I know that You will cover me, for You look at the intentions of the heart (1 Chron.28:9).  Thank-You, Father, that I can know I won’t be abandoned even when I do err, fall, or fail, for You are faithful even when I am not. And if there are consequences for my unknown or unintentional failures, they will be tests, but not more than what I can bear. 

But I can choose to be sure I’m fully protected and there are no holes in my armour, for Your Word makes it very clear what i need to do. I choose now to walk in such closeness that I will not open any doors to the Enemy & there will therefore be no holes in my armour. The choice is mine, to the extent that I am aware and able to understand Your expectations. Grant me the ongoing will/determination to walk in this choice of living a life of daily surrender so I can feel safe 24/7, without any doubts or fears.

I bind my flesh to the work of the Cross in my life that i will act in accordance with my stated desires, for i will thereby walk in harmony with Your Will & expectations. Thank-You, Holy Father, in Jesus/Yeshua’s precious Name. Amen.

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