1. Evaluate your communications with the Lord. When was the last time you heard from Him?
  2. In what form do you usually hear from the Lord?  i.e. dreams/visions, His Word, messengers (Pastors, Prophets, teachers, friends, tv/youtube ministries,etc.), during prayers times, or the deep inner voice of the Spirit, or inner man “knowings” (as I call them)?
  3. In what ways would you say that you are intimate with Father/Son/Holy Spirit?
  4. Identify areas of weakness in your relationship with Him – REMEMBER: listening is just as important as what you want to say/ask for.
  5. Do you agree with Blackaby when he says it is the most important relationship in your life?  
  6. Who/what in your life do you (sometimes, always, or frequently) place before God?
  7. In what ways, instances, & areas in your life do you need to come closer?
  8. What should you be doing if you are placing others/someone, or some THING ahead of your relationship with God?  
  9. Which commandment(s) are you breaking when you put someone/others/activities, etc. before Almighty God? NOTE: ANYTHING or ANY ONE that you place BEFORE GOD can be an IDOL. IDOLS INCLUDE things like: children, spouses, TV personalities or shows, etc. EVEN A LEGITIMATE “MINISTRY” CAN BE AN  IDOL – Yes, if the the ministry itself – just the “doing” of it is more important than your relationship WITH HIM, it IS an IDOL, because the ministry is NOT EQUAL to HIM.
  10. How/what can you rearrange, alter, reformat in your life to make this relationship your priority?
  11. What do you find most difficult in your relationship with the Lord?
  12. In what ways do you find it difficult to be obedient?
  13. Throughout this Study, examples are given of Yeshua’s obedience to the Father. We each need to use that as our measuring stick of how close we are coming to being like Jesus/Yeshua, and where we fall short. Evaluate your walk. How close are you coming? What areas need improvement? Are you attending to our walk, or just coasting, blundering through?
  14. If you find yourself impatient to know what God’s will for your life is, please understand that the answer lies in your relationship with Him, because “Everything in your Christian life, everything about knowing Him and experiencing Him, everything about knowing His will depends on the quality of your love relationship to God. If that is not right, nothing in your life will be right” (Blackaby, p.82). Instead of asking God to show you a blueprint, focus on surrendering every breath, every thought, every word, every emotion & desire you are harbouring, every step you take – your heart’s desires, goals, feelings, and decisions; every action/interaction. When you do that, you will be in the midst of His will at every turn, without any effort. It is through SURRENDER of each of these things that we will find ourselves at peace, content, knowing that we are in the midst of God’s will.
  15. If you find yourself struggling with the above issue, I recommend the following: (1) spend more time in God’s Word, and following it. (2) spend more time in communion/intimate prayer (i.e., not supplicating, just communing); (3) it may be helpful to read Dr. Henry Blackaby’s book. (4) Head/Heart Check-up – relationship is not an academic exercise; it must come from the heart. If you feel like you are failing, or missing something, this is usually what is at the root of it.


May God BLESS each one who participates in this Study/Study Guide.


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