1. What was the symbolic meaning of the oil over the heads of priests, kings, etc.?
    2. What about the fact that in Ex. 30 and Ex. 40 we see them even pouring oil over the garments and accessories in the Tabernacle? What purpose would this serve?
    3. In Ex.30:26, what is the anointing of the Tabernacle, & the Ark of the Covenant analogous to?
    4. Find the counterfeit/fraudulent/mock copy allude to in the warnings given in Ex.30:32,33? (interesting analogy to false Christs/antichrists, copycat manifestations?) 
    5. Why, in Ps.23:5, does the Psalmist feel honoured because of having his head anointed with oil?
    6. Why, in Matt.6:17 does Jesus/Yeshua say to “anoint your head and wash your face” when you fast? 
    7. ANOINTING OIL in the OT is a ___________________ of the ___________  _______________ in the NT.
    8. To what in the NT can you compare the use of anointing oil in the OT to  CONSECRATE articles, instruments, garments, & furnishings?    
    9. CONNECT THE DOTS from priests/kings being anointed in OT to NT? 
    10. Identify the ways in which the Holy Spirit was operant throughout OT times.
    11. Define “ANOINTED/ANOINTING” on the basis of the Scriptures, landing on Lk.4:18 & Acts 4:27, where you’ll end up with the ultimate of meaningfulness.
    12. What OT passage does Jesus/Yeshua refer to/quote in Lk.4:18? (it’s not in the Study; find it).
    13. Why should anointing oil be applied in healing prayers (James 5:14; Mk.6:13)?
    14. What can you find in 2 Cor.1:21 & 1John 2:27 about the anointing and its relationship to you? (assuming you are a born-again believer in Jesus/Yeshua).
    15. Read the parable of the foolish/wise virgins in Matthew 25 & connect the dots.
    16. Identify all the ways that the anointing oil in OT sets the stage for, symbolizes, and/or is analogous to the appearance of the ANOINTED ONE HIMSELF in NT.

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