1. What is your experience of pouring out your heart/soul to the Lord?
  2. In what circumstances/situations would you most likely have done this?
  3. What was your hope/expectation in pouring out your heart/soul to the Lord?
  4. What was the outcome of having poured out your heart/soul to the Lord?
  5. Find the example from the Scriptures quoted that illustrates a positive/fruitful outcome.
  6. Cite the example from the Scriptures quoted in which the pouring out of the heart/soul seemed to have made no difference. 
  7. Upon some reflection: (a) Was there an impact by lessons learned from specifics of the final outcome? (b) Did answers to your cries perhaps arrive in an unexpected format, a sort of round-about way, after-the-fact? (find example).
  8. Give two reasons for why Hannah’s outpouring may have received such a specific desired response.
  9. Which one of these (quoted) Psalms sounds like sadness and regret?
  10. Which example demonstrates complaining, ventilating, perhaps even self-pity?
  11.  Identify the two quoted passages that are prophesying re Jesus/Yeshua. 
  12.  If they are put into context, the final two passages demonstrate what type of prayer? (Often, crying out is done on behalf of others).
  13. Identify, and evaluate the different situations and reasons why each of these individuals poured out their hearts/souls to the Lord.
  14. Identify the differing ways, times, situations and reasons in which you primarily/characteristically cry

    Daniel 9:4 I poured out my heart, baring my soul to God, my God

    out/pour out your heart/soul to the Lord?

  15. Reflect on the different outcomes which you have experienced. Which of the quoted passages would you most identify with?
  16. What was God’s response in each situation: (a) for the individuals in the quoted passages? (b) for yourself?
  17. Is God’s response (in either case) necessarily: (a) Immediate? (b) What the one crying out anticipated?
  18. What does that tell you about the variance between God’s view of the situation from your own view (or the one crying out in the Scriptures) of the situation?
  19. What do you suppose accounts for the difference
  20. Does God not come alongside & feel sorry/give what you want right away, because He doesn’t care; or is it the case that he may have a greater purpose for allowing you to endure, persevere, in/for whatever it was?


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