1. In what ways are you so locked into the secular mindset and definition of “love” that it interferes with your ability to relate to God’s love?
    2. How does this mindset/definition interfere with the acting out of Biblical, Yeshua-type love?
    3. Put aside all the romantic, mushy, gushy secular societal irrelevant focus of love, and deliberate on the kind of love God is asking from us, and gives to us. Outline your own understanding of the Father’s Heart of Love.
    4. In what ways is your heart aligned with the Father’s Heart, with the Yeshua brand of love?
    5. In what ways do you need to make an adjustment in your perspective on love in order to be aligned with the Father’s Heart of love?
    6. In what ways are you tuned in, and at the ready for God’s Heart of love to be expressed through you towards others?
    7. Connect the dots between the expression of your love for Him, and His Love for you. In what ways is your connection with Him linear or circular
    8. Re-write from the passages quoted here, all the ones referring specifically to God’s love for us. Now summarize for yourself what this means to  you.
    9. Now do the same with all the passages about how He wants YOU to love HIM; how He wants YOU to love others.
    10. What would this look like in real life if you were to walk this out?
    11. What is He revealing to you?
    12. What alterations do you need to make in your output of love?



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