1. Today’s church prefers nice, sweet, short, positive little messages (preferably stories – fluffy little fairy tales – that have no depth, no harsh truths) that will make people feel good. How do you believe most of the things Yeshua/Jesus taught and

    MATTHEW 25:
    32 The people of every nation will be gathered in front of him. He will separate them as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.
    33 He will put the sheep on his right but the goats on his left.

    spoke about would be received by today’s church/believers?

  2. If Jesus/Yeshua walked into most churches or Synagogues today what do you think would happen?
  3. Re-read and study the Scriptures quoted as well as the examples cited. In how many ways was Jesus/Yeshua not politically correct?
  4. Ask the Holy Spirit to bring a new revelation to you of the Lord Jesus Christ/Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, to enable you to see Him as He really was when He walked on this earth, to give you a fresh and realistic picture of the characteristics displayed throughout His time on earth, and to override and replace the erroneous depictions in movies, TV, DVD’s, church, etc. that have provided you with erroneous images of Who Yeshua is.
  5. Now reflect on the messages you’ve heard which have specifically undermined, soft-soaped, and/or compromised the Truth God’s Word was meant to deliver.
  6. Identify the ways that some of those messages would alter the truth of God’s Word, and boarder on heresy, if not being actually heretical, and how such erroneous teachings have affected your own walk of faith.
  7. In what ways have you made excuses for political correctness in your own life?
  8. If you have made excuses for politically correct behaviour/practices: (1) assess the reasons for doing so (social acceptance, approval of others, etc.); (2) look at the ways and the extent to which you have become caught in the traps of accepting such attitudes and practices; (3) Confess and repent of agreeing with wrong forms of belief and behaviour, and (4) exchange and replace those beliefs and behaviours with the teachings from God’s Word, and Yeshua’s own model.
  9. In Matt. 25, how do you understand the difference between the goats/sheep? How do you understand the analogy?
  10. In Matt.5:27-30: (a) In what way does Jesus/Yeshua approach the topic of “sin”? (b) What does v. 28 tell you about how Jesus/Yeshua viewed immoral behaviour? Was He softening the Father’s approach to “sin”?  © What do you understand about the plucking out of one’s eye, and cutting off of one’s hand?  What is this analogous to?    
  11. What do you understand about Jesus/Yeshua’s role when He returns?
  12. In what way could there be found in any of these passages, a way to rationalize the popular arguments for universalism, inclusivity, that all roads lead to God, & because of God’s Great Love, Grace and mercy everyone will go to heaven in the end?


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