1. How does God work in the lives of His people?  Can you identify some of the strategies He employs?
  2. What life lessons can you take away from this STUDY?
  3. Identify in each of the three interchanges (i.e., Mary, Joseph, the shepherds) the specific strategies employed by God’s artful all-knowing Hand.
  4. Identify occasions in your life where God has employed similar strategies.
  5. Whether it was a warning, or simply an instruction, how did you respond?
  6. In what way did He deliver the message?
  7. In what ways did that message assist you?
  8. Were you able to respond productively, or were you paralyzed with fear?
  9. If you were paralyzed with fear, unable to respond, reflect on the situation and its outcome.
  10. How different might the outcome have been if you had been able to respond in the way that He was calling you to?
  11. And if you did respond productively, connect the dots to that which enabled you to do so. I.e. was it because of the strategy God employed to get your attention? Or was it simply because of your faith?
  12. Identify occasions where God’s alert/warning/info has definitely prevented a disaster.
  13. Identify any occasion where, if you had responded to God’s alert/warning, a disaster may have been prevented.
  14. Can you find ways that God appears to be at work now, strategically putting things in place, laying the foundation for TRIBULATION > SECOND COMING?

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