1. If you have not yet taken the time to listen to the audio message by Rabbi Cal Goldberg, I would encourage you to go to the link now: 
  2. List for your own learning, and find all the ways in which you understand this issue of Jewish/Gentile believers in a new way.
  3. In what ways, from this Study, and from listening to Rabbi Goldberg’s message, can you acquire a new understanding of what it means to be a “Messianic believer”?
  4. How does the explanation of the Jewish interpretation differ from what you had previously understood, or been taught?
  5. How will these new insights impact your walk as a believer?
  6. In what ways can you identify with the concept of “one in Messiah,” or “One New Man”?
  7. Put yourself in the place of a Jewish person being given the standard christian message on the Gospel, lacking all sensitivity to their need to hold onto their “Jewishness” and attempt to understand how they may experience it as offensive.
  8. From concepts learned/points made throughout this Study, how many points can you  identify which indicate the numerous errors christians make in presenting the salvation message to a Jewish person.
  9. What do Christians in mainstream churches need to be aware of in attempting to witness to Jewish people? 
  10. Christians/Gentile believers have made many mistakes in their approach towards Jewish people over the centuries. How can these errors be corrected? How can the healing begin and unity be achieved?


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