1. What does it mean to you to live life in the Spirit? If you need assistance with this answer, please make reference to the following previous Study Topics: 

  1. What is it that needs to be cleaned up in today’s Church?
  2. What is it that needs to be cleaned up in your life?
  3. PLEASE WATCH/STUDY JOHN RAMIREZ VIDEO: John Ramirez part 6 Ex warlock at firstlovekc org 112115 church# 913 403 9644 Low, 360p

If you are unable to listen to ALL of the youtube video by John Ramirez, I ask you to at least listen to the last ½ hour. 

  1.   Now itemize points made about: 
  1. Ramirez’ identification of the weaknesses/shortcomings in the church – why he was able to perform so much witchcraft upon christians. Where are the open doors to the Enemy?
  2. Specific activities carried out as a witchcraft practitioner.
  3. His teaching on God’s Grace.
  4. False prophets and false teachers.
  5. What is needed for believers to come clean, to cross the finish line.


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