Thank-You, Father, for amazing models like Elizabeth, Mary (Lk.1:34,35,38) and Joseph (Matt.1:24), such great examples of obedience, faith, trust, and surrender. May we take a lesson from them, and walk in that same pathway.

May we have that supernatural peace that enables us to be at peace with whatever it is You may decree, that we can just “treasure all these things, pondering them in our hearts” (Lk.2:19), as Mary did. And may we be like Joseph – immediate and unquestioning, when “having been warned in a dream not to go back to Herod, they returned to their own country by another way”(Matt.2:12); and it happened again, when the second warning came (Matt.2:13,14), after which Joseph waited for God’s instructions (Matt.2:20-23) before making a move, something so often forgotten by most of us. May we have that kind of instant response and not attempt to figure things out, question, hesitate, or make excuses, etc. God forgive us for the occasions where we have totally missed out on what You may have had for us because of hesitating, asking questions, trying to figure it out for ourselves and wanting to do it our own way.

Gift us with Your supernatural wisdom and discernment that we may connect the dots, with confidence and certainty, the way that Mary did, and the way that Elizabeth did, when she had the certainty of KNOWING: (a) that the child her young cousin Mary/Miriam would have (Lk.1:43) would in fact be her “Lord” and that (b) it was because of Mary/Miriam’s trust/faith/belief in You, Lord (Lk.1:45) that she was so blessed by the privilege of becoming the mother of her Lord. What a model for us! May we walk in that kind of trust, faith, and surrender. 

Make us to relinquish our will and walk in such total surrender, that we each would also drop everything and walk in immediate obedience, without asking questions, without doubting, or hesitating. Forgive our distrust, stubbornness, and self-reliance, that has us analyzing, calculating, rationalizing, and justifying our own solutions, thoughts, ideas, causing us often to miss out on what You may have for us, or to experience consequences like Zechariah (Lk.1:20). Forgive us for all  prideful arrogance, haughty attitudes, and high-mindedness. Let us now crucify this flesh, and nail it to the Cross. Put Your Heart’s Desire into our hearts, and bring us into perfect alignment with Your Will.

Make us learn from these lessons in faith, trust, obedience, and surrender. Make us to be satisfied with Your provision, whether it be the provision of just enough information, equipping us for some impending situation, or whether it be what we need to live on. Make us to finally realize that You not only know what is best for each of us, but You have our best interests in Your plans for us. Make us to learn from our mistakes and those of others, that we also stop jumping ahead of You, instead waiting for Your instructions, just as Joseph did. Teach us to live that walk of faith, obedience, and surrender, just like Mary and Joseph. Put Your love into our hearts that we would have that perfect heart’s desire to walk in intimacy and surrender. 

In Jesus/Yeshua’s Name I pray. Amen.

© 2019 by Verna Crowther. All rights reserved.