1. Watching the youtube videos by Rabbi Steve Berkson will supplement, enhance, and broaden the student’s understanding of this subject. It is a topic greatly lacking in teachings. 
  2. Study the Scriptures quoted and connect the dots between the Old Covenant and the New Covenant, to understand Kingdom Principles more fully. This will be helpful in understanding not only the concept of overcoming, but the significance of the continuity from OT to NT, and how that Yeshua at every point lived out what was commanded by the Father, all of which was already defined in the original Covenant.
  3. Go back and re-read the 4th paragraph. What does it remind you of? In what way does it convict you? What sorts of rationalizing, justifying, & excuses does it remind you of?
  4. Go back and re-read the 5th paragraph? In what ways are you interfering with the Potter’s Hands?  In what ways are you cooperating with the Potter’s Hands?
  5. Overcoming is hinged to the “death of self.” For a comprehensive study and for your growth in overcoming, I recommend combining this study, with my previous Studies on the “Death of Self” (see below):




  1. Search your heart for those desires that will surely interfere with being a true overcomer?
  2. What needs to occur for you to put HIM first?
  3. Identify the flesh that you are hanging onto.
  4.  “Saving your life” by hanging onto your own desires will cause you to lose it, For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it” (Matt.16:24,25). What is your rationale for hanging onto those pieces of flesh? In what way will those short-lived thrills/benefits serve you on the Great Day of the Lord (on His return)?
  5. Make a list (an ongoing list, as you will need to add to it as the Spirit leads) of those aspects of the flesh which need to be put to death, and follow Paul’s advice to “die daily”, to “mortify the flesh” (Col.3).
  6. Now revisit Part 1 of this study and review the first set of Scriptures on “OVERCOMING,” and tie it all together and make full meaning out of it.
  7. Make a commitment, now, to be an overcomer. Give up the temptation to compromise, make excuses, and procrastinate. Become a doer of the Word. Allow the POTTER to shape & mould the clay/you. Don’t just sing the song; be the object involved.


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