In recent years, controversy and division has spiralled regarding the right date and pagan origins of Christmas. There is no shortage of material regarding the pagan worship that Christmas was founded on, and the history itself will not be our focus here. What STUDY TOPIC will look at is what the best response to this controversy is.

Many know, and disregard, the history of paganism; they see it as irrelevant because they are focussed on celebrating Christ’s birth. Many do not know or care, for it is simply a holiday, and has no particular meaning for them. There are some believers who truly do not know of the pagan roots of Christianity’s “Christmas.”  There are those who so much focus on the pagan roots and the wrong date that they forget all about Jesus/Yeshua; they are caught up in the need to set everyone straight, sporting a self-righteous, holier-than-thou attitude, justifying their judgments of those who keep the holiday.

Then there are those of us who are entirely familiar with the pagan history and the incorrect timing of this celebration. The more we familiarity gained, the more the realization that there is nothing to be gained from chastising, rejecting, judging, or superimposing our beliefs on others. We understand that this is not the right focus. We understand that we are to focus on Yeshua, whenever His birth, and that regardless of the origins of Christmas, it is our responsibility (and we will be held accountable for how we have treated others regarding this issue) to be like Jesus/Yeshua in all that we speak and do. We are to be salt and light (Matt.5:14-16), not catalysts of division. “What do people see when they look at your menorah? Does your light shine? When Yeshua inspects your menorah, what does He see? How is your walk?” (Goldberg, Message From The Bema, Dec.1, 2018).


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