1. On the basis of past promises/prophecies having already been fulfilled, how is it that there is still so much doubt in people’s minds. . . such a resistance to believing God’s Word/His promises? How do you understand this?
  2. What things that God has promised/prophesied do you find difficult to believe?
  3. What lies behind your lack of faith/trust/belief? What will have to happen for you to increase your faith/trust/belief?  What do you think might make the difference? Refer to  STUDY TOPIC, “HEARTS OF SURRENDER”,  to prompt some insight.
  1. What is your state of readiness?  If the trumpet blasted tomorrow, would you be more excited, or more afraid? 
  2. If you had to plot on a straight line graph, from 0 to 10, 0 being fear and trembling, 10 being complete readiness, excitement, where would you land?
  3. What is blocking, hindering, interfering with your state of readiness?
  4. What do you need to take care of in your life, your mind, your emotions, your will, your heart, in order to be ready, to be joyful and excited, and totally unafraid?
  5. If you cannot answer the above question, return to the STUDY quoted above, among many other previous ones, such as: BACK TO BASICS; 28.08.17, EAT THE RIGHT FOOD; 29.08.17, WALKING IN THE SPIRIT; 30.08.17, HEARTS OF SURRENDER), as well as MENTORING CORNER’S STUDY GUIDE  for each.

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