1. What is unique about the deception that is occurring in these near-to-the-end-days?
  2. Select the passages from which you can clearly identify present events which are fulfilling Scripture even as you do this exercise.
  3. Select the passages that are most concerning to you/yourself/your life?
  4. What makes them so concerning to you?
  5. How can you take care of that concern?
  6. How can you detect false teachings on your own?
  7. Why is it so important to have discernment in the area of deception?
  8. Who do you understand the “Nicolaitans” (Rev.2:6; 3:15) to be? (If you do not know who the Nicolaitans were research the term online; please use a Biblical site, not secular). Identify their coordinates/parallels in our modern day.
  9. Who/what do you think He is referring to as the “blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan”?  (Ref.Matt.23; Rom.2:28).
  10. Translate Rev.2:14 into modern-day parallels for yourself.
  11. Identify the tools/strategies given by God’s Word with which to arm yourself against deception.
  12. How many times can you find the word “REPENT”?  What does that indicate?
  13. Who/what does “JEZEBEL” represent in our society? What is He talking about in Rev. 2:20-23? How do you relate to, and what should you do in situations where individuals are clearly inappropriately using positions of power and authority to unduly influence and lead people astray?
  14. In what ways and on what basis are you called to judge? (Ref. John 12:48-50; John 5:19-47).
  15. In what ways might you be seduced and deceived into believing wrong things?
  16. How do you understand that “many who are first will be last, and the last first”? (Matt.19:30). What does it mean?
  17. What is the single most important ingredient/prevention against falling prey to deception?
  18. Now review 2 Tim.3:16,17 and 2 Pet.1:19-21 and summarize what they mean to you.


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