1. In what ways/areas might Yahweh be displeased with today’s shepherds?
    2. What do you suppose accounts for the performance of modern shepherds?
    3. Connect the dots from deception to JEZEBEL, in order to develop your own understanding of this occurrence.
    4. How can awareness of self-glorification/self-serving MINISTRIES/INDIVIDUALS assist you in protecting yourself from getting ?caught in the trap of deception?
    5. Based on Scriptures quoted here, make a list of practices – notice, I am saying “PRACTICES/BEHAVIOURS/ACTIVITIES/DOCTRINES”, NOT naming people or even ministries – that you can identify that you know are based on deceptive beliefs, attitudes, or teachings, that YOU DO NOT want to be part of.
    6. What does God’s Word say regarding accountability?  (Lk.12:48; James 3:1; Rev.2:23)
    7. What is going to happen with those who take the glory for themselves? (Isa.42:8;Matt.25:41).
    8. Evaluate your own temptations to take the credit/glory when there has been an assignment from the Lord, or perhaps has simply led you and equipped you.  In what ways have you often been quick to accept the credit and take the GLORY?

      MATTHEW 25:41
      “Then the king will say to those on his left, ‘Get away from me! God has cursed you! Go into everlasting fire that was prepared for the devil and his angels!”

    9. How can you avoid/prevent falling into this fleshly temptation?
    10. What do you suppose is meant by “eating food sacrificed to idols”? (Rev.2:20-23).
    11. In what ways/areas of your life do you  experience the need/desire for power, control, authority, to have things your way?
    12. Write these down, REPENT of them, & nail EACH ONE by name to the CROSS. Put that FLESH to DEATH, because these are attributes which open the door to the SPIRIT OF JEZEBEL.
    13. Be ruthlessly honest with yourself, and answer the following: (a) Do you yearn to be recognized? (b) Do you seek GREATNESS? (c) Do you always need to be “RIGHT” when there are disagreements? (d) Are you a NARCISSIST -i.e., IS EVERYTHING ALWAYS ABOUT “YOU”? (e) Are you highly competitive, and can’t stand ever losing – i.e., do you always have to win every argument, every game, every competition? (f) Do you thrive on self-gratification? (g) Do you FEAST on SELF-INDULGENCE? (h) Do you love compliments, being the centre of attention?  AFFIRMATIVE to more than ½ of these, my friend, & you need to: (1) look really introspectively at the root of these needs/desires because you are a sure candidate for JEZEBEL SPIRIT to enter into, especially if assume any leadership position. (2) SEEK HEALING of old wounds. This is likely needed in order to put these strongholds in your flesh to death and surrender them to the Lord. PLEASE NOTE:  This is a guideline for you own spiritual well-being. You are not called to SHARE it with anyone; so PLEASE BE HONEST WITH YOUR SELF; it is for YOUR BENEFIT.

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