1. It is commonly held that upon having said the “sinner’s prayer,” one is automatically surrendered. After doing this Study Topic, what do you discern about that assumption?
    2. In what ways does this Study, and Andrew Murray’s definition/portrayal of “absolute surrender,” shed new light? 
    3. What do you need to do to “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling,”? 
    4. What do you need to do to attain to that position of “absolute surrender”?
    5. What, for you, is most difficult to surrender to the Lord?
    6. What is it about that area in your life that makes it so difficult for you to release it to the Lord?
    7. Connect the dots between Luke 9:23 (take up your Cross daily . . .) and the call to surrender. See the cyclical nature of this ongoing process. Please realize it is NOT a one-time event, but an ongoing daily practice. Let it become a regular part of your life.
    8. In what ways do you find yourself reacting to being advised that you have “no rights,” so to speak?
    9. In what ways can you understand the concept of spiritual blessings & privileges replacing “rights”
    10. What points in this Study assisted you in viewing this subject in a new way? 
    11. What things in this Study do you find difficult to relate to?What things in this Study are useful and helpful to you?



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