Make us to be a holy people unto You, Father. Let us begin to take Your Word seriously and actually apply it to our lives. It is time for us, as believers, to walk in the holiness we are called to,  “For you are a holy people to Adonai your God . . . . . . Adonai your God has chosen you to be His treasured people” (Deut.7:6). “Kedoshim (Hebrew for “holy ones) you shall be, for I am kadosh” (1 Pet.1:16); and “You did not choose Me, but I chose you. I selected you” (John 15:16).

Forgive us, Lord, for having accepted false teachings, and allowing ourselves to get caught up in modern-day errors of sanctioning sin because it has somehow become politically correct in so many christian circles. Forgive us for our wayward ways, and make us to repent and turn from our wicked ways and honour Your Word. Convict us that if “the Son cannot do anything by Himself, and can only do what He sees the Father doing. Whatever the Father does, the Son does likewise” (John 5:19), surely we should do likewise. And if Jesus/Yeshua “did not speak on His own, but spoke that which the Father commanded Him to say,” (John 12:49,50), that is what we should be doing. Forgive us for self-will, and rebellious hearts and attitudes.

Forgive us for submitting to deception, and allowing ourselves to succumb to self-agrandizement and delusional thinking, for we have been warned to: “Watch yourselves, so your heart is not deceived, and you turn aside and serve other gods and worship them” (Deut.11:16); to “not be deceived—for You will not be mocked; whatever we sow, we shall reap” (Gal.6:7). Yet still we have foolishly succumbed to the temptations to do otherwise by the evil of our hearts, rationalizing, justifying, making excuses. Forgive us, Lord, for all such foolishness.

Let us recommit our hearts and follow Your Ways, fearing You, and You only, keeping Your laws/ways, listening for Your Voice, serving You only, clinging to You, Lord God, and purging the evil from our lives (Deut.13:5,6). Convict each one of us that there is no such thing as a little sin being okay, for once we rationalize, justify, and make excuses that little bit of sin is okay, that little bit of sin soon defiles/pollutes/infests/infects and permeates all of our being, infiltrating into all areas of our lives (1 Cor.5:6-8). May we all “Flee from sexual immorality, for every other sin we commit is outside of our body—but when we commit sexual immorality we actually sin against our own body” (1Cor.6:18).  

May we guard against being “unequally yoked with unbelievers,” realizing that we really have nothing in common with those who live in darkness (2 Cor.6:14-16), and these involvements will only lead us astray. Let us turn away from all self-deception and delusion, and walk as that holy people set apart for You.

Like the Good Shepherd that You are, lead us, oh, Father. Gather us as lambs in Your arms (Isa.40:11). Guide and shelter us from the wolves that come at us in this world, for You “are the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd lays down His life for the sheep” (John 10:11). And we thank You, Father, that You are our Shepherd, and we can count on You.

Keep us watchful and alert. Grant us supernatural discernment and wisdom, that we will be on the alert and able to identify the “false prophets, who come in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves” (Matt.7:15). Keep us wakeful, mindful, and alert, ready for Messiah’s return,  “for the Son of Man is coming at an hour we do not expect” (Matt.24:44). And You have called us to be a holy people unto You; so let us be in a perpetual state of readiness. In Jesus/Yeshua’s Name we pray. Amen.

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