1. Recall your last storm, test, or desert experience. Who did you turn to? How did it go?
    2. Return to the rebuke by Eliphaz in Job 4. Have you, like Job, experienced such feedback from a fellow believer when you were in desperate need of encouragement and compassion? What does it feel like is being dealt out here instead? 
    3. Find more examples from each of the three friends that are reminiscent of experiences either you yourself (or others known to you) have had in the Church Community. Connect the dots from these experiences to the witness society receives from this, to why the believing communities are failing miserably when it comes to “saving the lost.”
    4. What is different from Job’s experience and similar experiences in today’s society?
    5. Go back to Job 4:12-15. What kind of “spirit” was this? If you are testing the spirits, as advised by I John 4:1, what would you discern?
    6. How would you describe the overriding tone in the passages from Job chapter 4?
    7. Bilidad’s lecture in Chapter 8 (review) exemplifies 2 critical errors. What are they? When have you witnessed these same errors amongst the body of believers?
    8. From Job 8, “It sounds like Job is being blamed for what has happened to him. He surely must have brought it upon himself” can you find the Scripture in the NT that corresponds to this?  (Hint: John 9)
    9. Give evidence from these quoted passages that truth and error can co-exist within the believer. (Hint: both in chapter 4 & chapter 8 we see where there are false allegations, yet there are prophecies which we know, in the end, come true).
    10. From chapter 11 passages, identify: (a) a connection with Matt.7:1-7, and (b) type of spirit commonly encountered amongst believers.
    11. Connect the dots from the occurrences here in Job, to the many stories of offences/offended believers that move from one church congregation to another all too often.
    12. If, as for Job, believers within the body often experience feeling beaten up, as opposed to being loved, what do you suppose needs to happen to change this? What commandment are God’s people failing to follow/walk in?
    13. In what way does this demonstrate the reality of the need for God’s people to walk in the footsteps of Jesus/Yeshua
    14. What does the example of the parallel between Job’s experience and yourself and/or people you know of in the body of believers teach you?


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