1. What is one of the most consistent attributes of Paul’s leadership?
  2. Why is it so important to acknowledge, encourage, & validate?
  3. What is Paul most concerned about?
  4. In what ways does Satan sometimes interfere with your plans?

    I THESS.3:10    Night and day we pray earnestly for you, asking God to let us see you again to fill the gaps in your faith.


  5. In verses 19 & 20 from ch.2, what is the main point in what he is saying? (a) is he merely bragging, & being prideful, when he says that they (Thessalonica Congregation) are being his “pride & joy”? Or (b) is he indicating something far more meaningful, such as a principle, which defines our very purpose as disciples, and, if so © what is it?
  6. V.1,2,5,6 of ch.3 provide information about: (a) another important quality of leadership. Identify it. (b) By delegating these responsibilities to Timothy, what important things is Timothy learning?
  7. What was it that was encouraging to Paul, Silas, & Timothy in the midst of their trials & suffering? (3:7)
  8.  In verses 3,4,7 of ch.3 what is Paul underscoring here?
  9. V.5 & 6, & 8 of ch.3 addresses his _______________ with the members of his recently formed Congregation. What else does this tell you about Paul’s relationship with his people & leadership style?
  10. Connect v.9 from chapter 3 with que. 4 above. Why is this so important for you to understand & realize?
  11. Paul maintains a very special tie with the members of the Thessalonica Congregation, just as he has with all the members of Congregations/Churches he has formed. He is so dedicated to his his people; he is so caring & concerned (verses 9-13). It would be hard not to want to emulate the qualities of Paul in any minor role of leadership any of us might play. Explain for your own benefit, whether you are yet in any such role, & even if it is in a one-on-one mentoring type of relationship, teaching role, etc. What does this speak to YOU YOURSELF about HOW YOU should want to conduct yourself in such a role? What can you most take away with you & incorporate from these examples by Paul?
  12. What attributes, or what aspects of their faith is Paul most advocating, teaching and/or promoting in v.12,13?
  13. What does this have to do with your walk of faith, & how you live it out in relation to others & to whatever way God chooses to employ you?
  14. What does v.13 once again underscore as what you should always be prepared for?


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