Study the Scriptures from previous day, as well as today’s. Watch the videos (Amir Tsarfati): “Why Should Christians Support Israel,”; Amir Tsarfati, “The Generation That Shall Not Pass Away,” Sept. 28, 2018, and (Jack Hibbs, “The Day You Wanna To Miss,”)  and answer the following questions:

    1. IDENTIFY the time and place of prophetic fulfillment at this present time (read Matthew 24; Lk.21:5-end) for details.
    2. What is the purpose for which the Scriptures provide these warning signs?
    3. Identify the PRINCIPLE encased within this theme (clue: what is God’s purpose of the Great Tribulation?)
    4. How can you tell that we are getting close to the time of tribulation?
    5. What is God’s promise to His people, Israel? 
    6. What is the significance of the millions of Jews returning to their land?
    7. What is the significance of Jerusalem having been established officially as the capital of Israel?
    8. Connect the dots between Jer.30:5-7, and Matt.24:21.
    9. Listen to Amir Tsarfati’s video: (a) which is that generation that Jesus is referring to? What does that mean for you? (b) What does it mean that the fig tree came back to life?
    10. How can we know these prophecies are about the tribulation? (Hint: have they been fulfilled already/yet?)
    11. Identify the passages that provide indicators for your level of readiness? (are you trembling in fear, or are you anticipating with delight?).
    12. Make a list of all the ways the Lord spoke to you through these Scriptures, videos, & combined STUDIES.


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