I pray for special protection over Andrew Sheer and all of his Campaign Team during this time of Campaign preparation, and for the coming Campaign and the Election process.

I pray, Lord God, in accordance with Your Word that Your angels will be ever-present to watch over Andrew Sheer, his Campaign Manager, & Team, and bear each one up in their arms, preventing each one from falling into the traps/snares of the Enemy (Ps.91:12).

I pray that Andrew Sheer himself will walk in faithfulness and obedience to Your Word, Lord, abiding in that secret place (Ps.91:1), so that You may keep him under Your shadow/wings, that he will so trust in/rely on You, Father, that You will be his ROCK & his REFUGE (Ps.91:1,2), & You will cover him with Your feathers & Your Truth will be his SHIELD & BUCKLER (Ps.91:4).

I ask You, Lord, to grant Andrew Sheer courage, strength, & supernatural wisdom, that he will go forth into this election campaign fearlessly, knowing that You are at the helm, for as he walks in surrender, having made You his Lord, his REFUGE, DWELLING PLACE, therefore, no evil shall befall him, for You will give Your angels charge over him, to keep him from falling into the traps/snares of the Enemy (Ps.91:9-12). Because You are His Lord & Saviour, & he has set his love upon You, Lord/Heavenly Father, therefore You “will deliver him, & set him on high, because he has known Your Name.

Because he has set his love upon You, therefore You will deliver him” (Ps.91:13,14) from every threat/attack of the Enemy. And when he calls on You, You will answer him. You will be with him in any difficulties & challenges; and You will deliver him, & honour him (Ps.91:14,15).

Thank-You, Heavenly Father, for these wonderful assurances. Let us hinge to Your Word, Your promises, and walk in faith, in Jesus/Yeshua’s Holy Name. Amen.

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