I THESSALONIANS 5:11                                                                                                         Therefore comfort each other and edify one another, just as you also are doing.

In the context of what Paul is talking to his followers about, his advice is not only sound, but applicable to God’s people today.

He has been discussing the Second Coming of the Messiah. He was advising them to live in a state of readiness for the Lord could arrive at any time. Applauding them for living in the Light, and knowing who they are, he is encouraging them to continue on that path and, in so doing, be an encouragement to one another, knowing that, at the Lord’s return they will be with Him, whether or not they are alive at His return. 

All God’s people should live as though the Lord was returning today so that there is no need to wonder, doubt, or fear. Instead there should be joyous anticipation of what His return means for those who know Him, who belong to Him. Are believers doing this today? Should there be more of this focus? Let us be encouragers, comforting, edifying, building up the body, maintaining a state of readiness. There is great comfort in being prepared, after all.

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