1. Although we are called to love, we are specifically not called to love (v.15)_____  _____________ or _____________________________.
  2. How does loving the world or the things in the world affect your relationship with the Father? (v.15)
  3. What effect will saying you love the Father have if your loyalties are with the things of the world? (v.15)
  4. Do you think you can fool God if you say what He wants to hear, while doing otherwise?
  5. What are three things in verse 16 (this does not mean the list is comprehensive, by the way) that are NOT of the Father? 
  6. List actual behaviours(as many as you can think of)for each, that would correspond to each of these categories.
  7. Which of these 3 things are you most vulnerable to?
  8. Which of these 3 are you in need of repenting for?
  9. Verse 17 is obviously referring to a _______________ time; unless one somehow sees this as having already been achieved, or realized.
  10. What is the condition (v.17) for that eternal abiding?
  11. Review v.18,19, 22,23. What is the primary message/theme? What is the warning? What is needed in order for us to not be deceived?
  12. What is substantiated in v.23? What does this tell you about the validity of New Age, Globalism/Universalism, inclusivity modern doctrines? (Ref. John 14:6)
  13. What is that very special provision for those who truly abide in HIM? (v.20,27) 
  14. Once again, look at the repetitive use of the word “in,” as well as the emphasis on “abiding in.”  This is not incidental, but paramount: (a) Connect the dots from these usages to who you are/your identity (v.24)  (b) What special provisions does that privileged status (v.25,28,29) make available to the true born-again believer/disciple? (you should be able to identify at least 3 things here).


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