PART VII, 1 JOHN STUDY, 17.09.19

    1. Identify the primary theme in I John 4:7-11.
    2. If that is the theme, what is the principle?  [Forgot the difference between theme & principle? Refer ]
    3. So if it is through God’s love for us that we are able to love others, take it a step further, & see how it is that the circle of love is thereby completed. [v.12] 
    4. How do you know when God’s love is being perfected in you?
    5. When you begin to experience God’s love for others, what does this signify (v.12,13,16)? {list 4 things} 
    6. There are 2 things that make having that great boldness (v.17) very significant. What are they?
    7. From verse 18 we can glean much. (a) What/Who is the source of perfect love? (b) Can you have perfect love without the Holy Spirit connecting you to that source? © So if you are still ridden with fear in one or more areas of your life, what is missing, or what might be behind that? (d) What does that indicate that is needed for you to become free from fear? What may be required? (confession, repentance, breaking curses, putting flesh to death, deliverance). (e) If fear involves torment what does that include? (CONNECT the DOTS to yesterday’s STUDY re wrong spirits). (f) In order to be perfected in God’s love, what must occur?
    8. What more reason do we need for loving God (v.19)?
    9. CONNECT THE DOTS from v.20,21 back to question #3 (above), the completion of the circle, & v.11,12.
    10. In what ways does this attest to & assist you in understanding the cyclical nature of love – God’s love for you/us & your/our love for God & for others?


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