PRAYER GUIDE, PSALM 24, 02.08.19

Father, what an awesome God You are!! You have done it ALL! Who but You could establish the waters, the seas, the earth, not to mention humankind?!

Lord, I give You the Glory!

Make me now to walk in Righteousness, for I want to qualify as one “who may ascend into the hill of the Lord, and stand in Your Holy place.”  I thank You, Father, that You sent Your Son, Jesus/Yeshua so I could qualify, so I could have “clean hands and a pure heart,” and may I not foolishly lift up my soul to any of the idols in this society.

I thank You, Lord, that I may receive Your blessings; that I may walk in Your righteousness, for You are the God of my salvation, and I seek to know You more, to love You more, to follow You completely in ALL I do. 

I open the gates of my heart; I open the gates of my mind; I invite You, King of Glory, to not only come in, but to take possession of my heart, my mind, my will, & emotions (my soul – ALL of it). I SURRENDER each component, mind/heart/soul/body – ALL that I AM, DO, & CAN BECOME – to YOU, Lord. For You Alone are WORTHY; YOU ARE THE KING OF GLORY!!! HALLELUIAH! AMEN!

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