1. What can you learn from Psalm 84?
    2. IDENTIFY the principles for living in these lines.
    3. How can you dwell in His Tabernacle today?
    4. In what ways, when, & to what extent does your heart long for, & cry out for the presence of the Lord?
    5. How can you relate to the swallow?
    6. CONNECT THE DOTS from finding your strength in HIM, to being able to pass through the Valley of Baca & being able to turn that experience into a spring.
    7. To “dwell in His House” in OT times would be described as living/walking in the ___________  today.
    8. If your heart is set on pilgrimage that means that you are determined to do what?
    9. What does it mean to go from strength to strength
    10. Why would you go from strength to strength?
    11. What would it take for you to be able to cry out from your heart, as the Psalmist, that you would rather be a humble doorkeeper for HIM than pursuing the pleasures of the flesh that call to you in the world?
    12. 2 conditions are identified for the receipt of God’s blessings. What are they?© 2019 by Verna Crowther. All rights reserved.NOW GO TO PRAYER CORNER for PRAYER GUIDE @