1. As soon as Ahab confided his problems to Jezebel, what did Jezebel do?
  2. Have you known individuals who do this? I.e., as soon as you share a problem, they just take it on/take over?
  3. In verses 5, & 7 do you see how Jezebel used _________________ & _____________________ to gain control of the situation?
  4. How does it affect you when you give in to/allow others to take over, whether by intimidation, charm & seduction?
  5. What was the next thing Jezebel did? (v. 8). How would you label/define this action?
  1. From verse 9, identify the primary behaviour technique employed.  
  2. In verse 10, identify at least two wrong spirits (there are 4). 
  3. In verse 13 identify the two operating spirits.
  4. Now list all the qualities & characteristics identified in the Jezebel Spirit.



  1. Now we all tell occasional lies (usually to protect/defend ourselves); we all can be guilty at some point of any of these types of behaviours. However, when these behaviours form a regular pattern; and when this pattern becomes identifiable as a tool by which an individual orchestrates events to that person’s advantage, there is valid grounds for considering a “Jezebel Spirit” at work. 
  2. Being lied to, deceived, and manipulated on a regular basis by the same individual are signals for concern. Jezebel’s modus operandi will always include deceit/deception/lying, manipulation, (v.9) & any other power & control techniques, which lend themselves toward taking over in any given situation, assisting in acquiring some form of direct or indirect power/control/authority, ultimately geared towards achieving some positional level of status/prestige, whether including financial gain or not. 
  3. Domination, bullying, & intimidation (v.7,13) are usually innate components of this pattern as well. So also are charm, seduction, (v.5 & 7); under the guise of helping/caring the Jezebel Spirit gains control, obtaining whatever reward there may be. Jezebel’s favourite mode: “Let ME do it FOR you,” while the sincerely caring/helpful individual will assist the other in finding a way to work it out, rather than “doing for.”
  4. Mean-spiritedness, vengefulness, false accusations, etc. are common practices (v.10, 13). 
  5. Jezebel Spirits are unfortunately all too commonly found in individuals in leadership positions. Adept at deception & seduction they are often looked up to as heroes, becoming highly sought after role models, exerting considerable influence, and thus achieving the goal of attention, self-importance, status, prestige, power & control. 
  6. Upon identifying a Jezebel Spirit, what one does in relation to that is dependent upon many factors, such as, but not limited to: (1) proximity to the individual through whom the Jezebel Spirit is working; (2) type of relationship with that person; (3) form of contact one has with individual – i.e., is it temporary, short-term or long-term, etc. 
  7. Realize, of course, that the “JEZEBEL SPIRIT” is exactly that – a spirit, and NOT the individual. The evil spirit that worked through Jezebel the person who was King Ahab’s wife has simply become identified as a common stronghold, & evil spirit that has come down through all the generations, who can operate through any given individual who gives place to that spirit. The individual is usually oblivious to this stronghold and is not knowingly emitting these behaviours & exhibiting these characteristics. 

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