26.07.19, PRAYER GUIDE, PSALM 62

Truly my soul waits in silence for You, Lord, for when I am still and silent, that is when I know I will hear from You.  Teach me, Lord, to wait on You in silence. Teach me to be still before You, so I can hear You better. Teach me to wait, oh Lord, that i will not jump ahead of You; that I will not devise my own means, my own path.

My salvation can only come from You, and I thank You for Your mercy and grace that grant me that salvation.

You alone are my rock and my salvation; You are my defense. I shall not be greatly moved. Thank You, Holy Father, that I can count on You always, and in ALL things. 

Thank You that because You are my defense, I know I can count on You to take down my attackers. Those who “delight in lies,” telling tales, spreading rumours through gossip and slander, or whatever else is going on against me, will meet their reward by Your Hand of justice. While “they bless with their mouth, they curse inwardly,” but my soul waits silently for You to bring justice, “for my expectation is from You. You alone are my rock and my salvation; my defense; I shall not be moved.”

Thank-You, Heavenly Father, that You are my salvation and my glory; that I can count on You to be “The rock of my strength, and my refuge,” and I really can hide myself in You.

I will “trust in You at all times, and pour my heart out before You, for You are my refuge.”

Whether we are of high or low status in this life, we are but a vapour, and are nothing. If we are “weighed on the scales, we are altogether lighter than vapour.” So let me not put any trust/faith in any human undertaking, materialism or riches, or anything of this world. Keep me grounded in knowing that all “power belongs to You, and You alone. Also to You, O Lord, belongs mercy; For You render to each one according to his work.” Therefore I know I can entrust all justice and vengeance to You. 

In Jesus/Yeshua’s Name, I surrender all these things to You. Amen. 

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