1. What is the primary “theme” of this set of passages?
    2. How is this meaningful for your life? Connect the dots to your life/your walk.
    3. Why do you suppose you should be silent before the Lord?
    4. Identify at least 4-6 components of the theme.
    5. Connect the dots from the importance of being silent to all the ways in which silence serves a purpose. Connect the dots from these things to your own life. Identify the ways and times in which silence could be really meaningful for you.
    6. Why was Jesus/Yeshua always trying to get away by Himself to the mountains?
    7. When do you get away for concentrated time alone/with the Lord
    8. John 8:28,29 emphasizes 3 things that should be priorities for all believers in relationship with the Lord. Identify those 3 items. Determine to what extent you identify with them, and have made them your daily reality.


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