NOW THAT YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY IDENTIFIED THE TWO COMPONENTS OF THE SET OF PASSAGES [(a) supplication; (b) surrender {Pledge/Commitment; giving it all over to Him}], NOTICE THAT THE BOLDED sets are what is referred to grammatically as “ACTIVE VERBS” – verbs which are suggestive of something happening, being done, carried out, & are authoritative.

  • Identify what is important about the use of Active Verbs throughout the Psalmist’s prayer.
  • Connect the dots to such effectiveness such use would have in your own prayers.
  • Using verse 27, “Make me understand the way of Your precepts . . .,” to bring forth meaning: (a) What is the difference between asking by saying “Help me” as opposed to saying “Make” me?  Do you get the picture? (b) Which one is more powerful? © Which one demonstrates total submission & surrender to the Lord?
  • Now look at the second half of verse 27, “So shall I meditate on Your wonderful works,” & identify: (a) The demonstrative verb (b) The main point of the Psalmist’s declaration. © In what ways/areas of your walk/prayer life, would it serve you well to make such forms of declaration? 
  • Connect the dots from the use of active verbs compared to the passive verbs, such as “help me” to the likely difference in the strength of outcome, & the degree of transformation one can expect.
  • Active verbs are more effective because they represent a greater degree of ___________________.  (If you have been participating in my past STUDY TOPICS & STUDY GUIDES you will know the answer.)
  • Using ACTIVE VERBS in your own pledges/commitments & statements of surrender is equally important & effective. Verse “30, I have chosen the way of truth;” indicates a declarative, definitive intention, not a wishy/washy, hesitant maybe/if, or occasional choice.

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