1. Connect the dots between your IDENTITY IN CHRIST and your sense of well-being and self-image, and self-worth. (use the Scriptures from Study)
  2. Identify any situations in your life, where, like Moses, you have drawn back in fear, avoiding a call to service,  short-changing yourself of an opportunity to grow, to serve, etc. What/how can you learn to do differently?
  3. Ask the Lord to reveal to you how you may have responded differently and  taken charge in those situations if you had been walking in your right identiy in Christ.
  4. When do you recall that you, like the Israelites, saw yourself as a “grasshopper” allowing yourself to be intimidated, bullied, abused, or misused by someone/others/ or circumstances?
  5. Meditate on the fact that you have been chosen/adopted. What does that mean to you? How does it change how you see God; how you see yourself in relation to Him; how you therefore see yourself in relation to above situations?
  6. If you have been subscribing to false doctrine (New Age) not based on God’s Word, confess, repent, ask for His forgiveness, and replace all such with personalized paraphrasing, and VISIT PRAYER CORNER for PRAYER GUIDE.
  7. For each of the paraphrased examples:

(a) Reflect on the meaning of those words, that you are no longer your own, that Jesus/Yeshua purchased you with a price. . . . .

(b) Ask yourself, “What does that say about my value to Him?”  And if I have value in His eyes, how can I so devalue myself, by placing myself in abusive situations, or submitting to those who would abuse me?

© Ask the Lord to enable you to see yourself through His Eyes, as He sees you; and to replace all the wrong images of yourself with His Image of you.

(d)What does God’s unconditional love mean for you? How can it assist/alter your perception of your own value?

(e)What does it mean for you that you are a son/daughter/heir? In what ways can you now begin to apply this to how you view your own worth, and how you relate to Him/others because of that?

  1.  There are many other Scriptures in God’s Word that speak to the value/worth of the individual. Go to work and find some of them. Practice personalizing and applying to yourself.
  2.  Practice daily, PRAYING HIS WORD (consult PRAYER GUIDE) on this topic, and you will discover new worth/value in your self. You will ultimately experience a change in your self-image/esteem/worth.
  3.  Give the Glory to God for the improvement you will experience.

© 2018, revised 2019 by Verna Crowther.  All rights reserved.