1. Go back in time, asking the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the origins of your wounds, hurts, which have damaged your self-esteem/image/worth.
  2. Pluck up all bitter roots identified, nail EACH to the Cross; and confess/repent/forgive/ask for forgiveness, as needed.
  3. With the Holy Spirit guiding you, identify the emotions accompanying your hurts (fear, rage, humiliation, hate, etc.), and surrender each ONE, one by one, as the Holy Spirit reveals to you, prayerfully. By an act of will, choose to forgive whoever hurt you, and nail those strongholds (that is what they form) to the Cross.
  4. Ask for healing in each of those places, then declare that you are healed by the Cross of Christ because on that Cross Jesus/Yeshua took all your wounds, pain, & suffering, and you no longer need to be affected by them. As you continue to do this over time (do it until there is no longer a need; this calls for persistent, prevailing prayer), the memories that caused pain will remain; however, the pain will dissipate, and be replaced with a calm, sense of relief, and then peace.
  5. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the things you are still holding onto, holding back, from the Lord; upon that identification, release those (as above), as well. Ask the Lord to remove every obstacle as you surrender each one to Him. You may need to repeat steps #1- 4 numerous times, before experiencing any change. Often, when one feeling dissipates, another surfaces. This is normal, and will occur, because there are layers of hurts, and when one is peeled off, another one is revealed. It can feel discouraging and overwhelming. This can be a very lengthy process, depending on the extent of the wounds, and your own willingness to let them go. Because of the overwhelmedness, it may be necessary to seek deliverance, or a Professional Christian Counsellor to assist you in the process.
  6. It is in your jurisdiction to be attentive for the Lord’s direction via His Holy Spirit, and to be obedient in acting upon whatever He shows you – i.e., if He shows you that you are still holding a grudge against someone that hurt you deeply a long time ago, it is your responsibility to confess/repent of holding that grudge regardless of who was right/wrong, and to forgive that person, no matter what it was and/or how wrong they were, and, yes, even if they are no longer in your life, or aren’t even alive.  NOTE: forgiveness in no way condones the wrong done to you, nor does it necessarily mean you can ever trust that individual again, or have a relationship with him/her. Forgiveness frees you from the poison of bitter roots. Forgiveness sets you free. Forgiveness is essential for your own healing; it is really for you, and not the perpetrator, although, certainly if the perpetrator is still in your life, then reconciliation may be an option, but is not always an option.
  7. Ask the Lord to cleanse and heal you by His precious blood, to wash away every last remnant of bitterness, rage, defilement, etc., and to complete the healing that has begun.
  8. If you have a prayer partner, mentor, Pastor, or someone you trust and feel close to/safe with, share and have them pray with/for you.
  9. Always feel free to ask questions/contact me through the “Contact” email provided on website, and I will do my best to connect you with the appropriate resources.

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