Failure to acknowledge Him
& allow Him to direct your
path, will construct a 
WALL between you & God.
  1. What is your first easy clue regarding the cause of not hearing from God?
  2. Identify the 5 main obstacles that this STUDY is focussing on.
  3. Out of these 5 main categories, identify the ones that most apply to you.
  4. From the primary categories applying to you/your life, identify subcategories , or offshoots from each – for example if you’ve chosen power & control – now identify the specific areas, instances, patterns, behaviours manifested within this category, which are paramount to your difficulty in letting go of that need for power & control.
  5. On the basis of learnings from previous STUDIES, now identify what action on your part needs to be taken in order to address these specific items, before you will be able to release your power/control needs, and surrender them to the Lord. ** Remember: as long as you insist on hanging onto them, they WILL INTERFERE  with your ability to hear from the Lord, certainly as it pertains to anything related to those issues.
  6. Assess your style and level of communication with the Father/Lord Jesus Christ/Yeshua Messiah/Holy Spirit, and connect the dots from that to the deficiencies in your hearing from the Lord.**Remember: there are 2 sides to communication. It’s possible you’re doing a lot of sharing; but perhaps your level of listening/attending to the Father’s voice is overriden by your hanging onto the need to have things your way.
  7. Identify consequences that you have experienced due to missing a message?
  8. Reflect on that/those occasions, & use this awareness/revelation to begin new patterns, consistent with hearing from the Lord.
  9. Consider the experience in the Garden (Gen.3:8-10), & draw a parallel with any similar experience of your own – in what situation have you felt a need to run away/hide from the Lord?
  10. Connect the dots between trust and hearing from the Lord.
  11. According to 1 Sam.15:23, what is rebellion equivalent to?
  12. ** FOR ANYONE IDENTIFYING WITH POWER/CONTROL, HEAD/HEART STRUGGLE, there are most likely serious wounds from your past.  RECOMMENDATION: Seek counselling from credible “Christian” Counselling/Therapy Centre, &/or Deliverance Ministry, AS WELL AS PRAYING FOR GOD’S HEALING WORK IN YOUR HEART AND PSYCHE.
We create roadblocks
& barriers . . .

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