1. What impact does this awareness (i.e., that there is no difference to the Lord as to gender, social status, ethnicity) have on you/your personal life?
  2. Was there a time in your life when this was a concern to you?
  3. In what ways is it “freeing” to realize that there is no judgment based on gender/social status/ethnicity?
  4. Are there individuals you know who believe God is biased, or has prejudices regarding ethnicity or gender?
  5. Are there things you have felt limited by because of gender or status or ethnicity?
  6. In what ways does this release you from those limitations?
  7. If Yeshua broke down the dividing walls, why do you suppose there is still so much division amongst believers? i.e. Why do we have so many denominations?
  8. How do you understand the discrepancy between the fact that “Messiah did it all on the Cross,” yet we still experience this disunity in the body of Christ?
  9. What do you think needs to happen? What would change the situation? Why can’t all believers agree? If Yeshua said “It is finished” how do these things still continue?
  10. In what ways does this call to unity affect your own life? How do you experience the reality of unity/disunity in your own believing community?
  11.      So much division exists between and amongst not only denominations, but even within the same Congregation. What do you suppose accounts for this?
  12.      What must be altered in order to achieve the unity Messiah called us to?

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