Forgive us, Father, for taking Your amazing grace for granted; for so often making excuses for what we have done wrong, instead of confessing and repenting. Make us to be more mindful of what we are doing when we take Your grace for granted. “How can we who died to

Romans 6:6

sin still live in it?” (Rom.6:1,2).

Ignite in us such a strong desire to please You and to serve You that we would not ever willfully choose to sin, for Jesus/Yeshua, You raised us up with You, seating us with You in heavenly places”(Eph.2:6), enabling us by the Spirit’s transforming power, to walk in Your footsteps, in that same resurrection power, “For if we have become joined together in the likeness of Your death, certainly we also will be joined together in Your resurrection—” (Rom.6:5). Since “knowing our old man was crucified with You/Messiah, so that our sinful body might be done away with, so we no longer serve sin”(Rom.6:6), we can now walk in freedom. Make us then, to so desire to be joined together in Your resurrection, that we will no longer be slaves to sin.

Thank-You, Heavenly Father, that because Your Son has died for us; that Your Holy Spirit has been given to us, to connect us to You; and in so doing, we have that same resurrection power to enable us to put the self-life to death on the Cross (Rom.6:7; Rom.6:8-10). Upon death to self, grant us, by Your Grace, the  freedom to become more and more like You, Lord Jesus/Yeshua. How we long to be like You. May we “also continually count ourselves both dead to sin and alive to God in Messiah Yeshua” (Rom.6:11).

May we no longer let sin rule in our mortal bodies so that we obey its lusts” (Rom.6:12). Let us choose not to allow sin to have the upper hand any longer; that we not present our members as instruments/tools of unrighteousness to sin, but present ourselves to You as being alive from the dead, and our members as instruments of righteousness” (Rom.6:13),For sin shall not have dominion over us any longer” (Rom.6:14); and by Your provision

Romans 6:11

(Your Holy Spirit, and Your grace), we no longer are in bondage to sin, but instead have the freedom to follow Yeshua, for “if we died with Christ, we have the power to live for God, just as Christ who died now lives for God” (Murray, 1998, p.207).  

Give us hearts that burn for You, that long to be like You.  As Andrew Murray says, (Murray, 1998, p.207), when “we accept our death with Christ on the cross as the power of our daily lives,” it is then that we can fully make that commitment to surrender every aspect of self-life to You, our Messiah, Saviour, and Lord. We want that right heart’s desire and now ask for it because Your Word says if we ask/seek/knock, we will find/receive, so Father we are asking/seeking/knocking, for “everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened”(Matt.7:7,8); and when we ask in accordance with Your Word, we know we will have it because You are faithful to keep Your Word. Thank-You, Lord Yeshua, Abba Father, Holy Spirit.

In Your precious and Holy Name we pray. Amen.

© 2018, revised 2019 by Verna Crowther. All rights reserved.