Father, forgive me for those times when I have not kept Your Word, when I have been UNFAITHFUL to You, following other gods, constructing my own idols, making my goals my own, instead of allowing YOU to guide and lead me, to being my Master and Lord, as I agreed to upon entering into covenant with You. Forgive me for every single time I have broken a vow I’ve made to YOU, or to any individual. Forgive me for every occasion I have failed to surrender desires, decisions, words, actions, to YOU, and instead done my “own thing.”

Forgive me for those times where I have not “Kept my tongue from evil, and my lips from speaking treachery” (Ps.34:14), gossiping, slandering, accusing, blaming, and hurting others with my tongue. Forgive me for those occasions where I have made judgments on others on the basis of gossip, rumours, etc. Make me now to practice putting those fleshly weaknesses to death on the Cross, and to learn to “guard my mouth and tongue, keeping my soul out of trouble” (Prov.21:23). I bind my flesh to the work of the Cross in my life that I will keep my tongue from speaking things that hurt others (James 3). Let my “yes be yes, and my no be no” (Matt.5:37).

I pledge myself to being faithful and obedient to Your Word (Deut.23:22,24); for I want to honour Your faithfulness to me. Make me now, to put Your Words in my heart, that I will not sin against You (Ps.37:31). I put to death all self-will and rebellious, haughty attitude, that gets in the way of walking in the Spirit, and walking in Your Word, being faithful to You, and honouring You in every situation, in every aspect of my life, which is what I desire to do.

I thank You, most gracious and loving Heavenly Father, that You are a God of covenant, a faithful promise keeper, Who will never leave me or forsake me, (Heb.13:5); that You go before me; are with me; and will not fail me or abandon me; that I need not fear or be discouraged” (Deut.31:8). What a wonderful blessing that I can always count on You! And I want to be that someone that YOU can count on! By Your Holy Spirit, make me to be faithful, just as YOU are faithful. In Yeshua’s Name I pray.

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