Using lyrics from “Glory Come Down” by Jason Upton:, all rights reserved to Jason Upton, no copyright infringement.


May these lyrics express your heart’s desire:


“Father, listen to our earnest prayer

Jesus prayed it years ago

That the glory You had given Him

We would somehow come to know

So make us one according to Your plan

As in heaven it will be

Fill us with the truth and righteousness

You desire the world to see


Let Your glory and honor

Fall on our face

Holy Father

Rest in this place


The church is sick and need of God alone

And people we must seek His face

If we turn from all our unrighteousness

He’ll forgive our evil ways

So may the eyes of God be on us here

Lord, revive us by Your grace

Holy Spirit be forever near

Saturate us in this place


Let Your glory and honor

Fall on our face

Holy Father

Rest in this place

Let the fire fall

Let the wind blow

Let the glory come down”

Father, let Your glory once again come down. Bring refreshing, revival, renewed commitment and passion for You/Your Word. Make us on fire for You. Make us to realize that revival begins in the hearts of individuals, it is not something created by the Church/Congregation or leadership.  Let Your people seek Your face with renewed zeal. Let there be such a hunger that Your people would no longer desire to partake of what the world has to offer; that there would be such a hunger for YOU, that there would be no room for anything else in our lives; that we would be SO FILLED WITH YOUR HOLY SPIRIT that no flesh would manifest and the world would truly be able to see “that we are believers by our love.”

Yes, Lord. “Let the fire fall, let the wind blow, and let Your glory come down,” in Jeus/Yeshua’s Name.

© 2018, revised 2019 by Verna Crowther. All rights reserved.


  • Listen to Jason Upton’s “Glory Come Down,” on youtube:  (all rights reserved to Jason Upton, Key of David Ministries. I am using here to align with this topic, and to facilitate prayer on this topic. May the Lord inspire and bless).