1. In what ways can you relate to the disciples, in their inability to comprehend what Yeshua was trying to communicate to them? Do you think you would have understood?
  2. In what ways can you relate to Yeshua, and experience what He must have felt at that time, when His own disciples couldn’t understand what He was trying to tell them?
  3. Which disciple do you most relate to? Peter, who confronted Yeshua and tried to dissuade Him from His assigned mission? John, who was the one most intimate, stuck by Him throughout?  Thomas, who doubted, even after seeing Him risen from the dead?
  4. Identify the parallels between that historic occasion and the present. See the similarities in the belief/unbelief, the doubt and the faith, amongst God’s people, yourself included. See the principles of human weakness that were true then and still true today.
  5. What will it take for you to be prepared for Messiah’s return?
  6. What will it take for you to have unquestioning faith?
  7. What is it that shakes your faith?
  8. What is it that either gives you hope in His return, or causes you to be fearful of His return?
  9. To what extent are you prepared to take up your cross & follow Him?

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