1. Define the ways you need to reciprocate in the expression of your love for the Father/Lord Jesus/Yeshua/Holy Spirit.
    2. How have you been expressing your love for the Father?
    3. There are two primary aspects/areas involving/requiring our response to God the Father’s love. What are they? And what specifically, do they involve, and require of us?
    4. In which of the two areas do you fall short the most? Identify your weakness, and make a commitment to work on it.
    5. How can you work on it? What does it involve? What does it require?
    6. How hard is this for you?
    7. Write out for yourself what you can incorporate in your prayer life as an expression of love for the Father, and Lord Jesus Christ/Yeshua Ha-Mashiach.
    8. What is one of the biggest things that gets in the way of wholly loving God?
    9. Connect the dots from OT principle > NT regarding the above matter.
    10. Identify for yourself those things which apply to you/your life, and implement an action plan.


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